Monday, June 19, 2017

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was great! Super super long but it was great! We left our flat at 6:30 to get to Upperhill and then we left at like 5:30. Elder McGrath and I walked to town and there was a tooon of people at the stage where we get a bus to go home. We managed to hop on a bus but it got full then people got off and we sat there for an hour and the bus didnt even start up. So one guy called the management and they told him that there are thugs along the road that are stopping all the buses and stealing from people inside and they even light a bus on fire!! So we walked through Nairobi at night (I loved it so much! I miss being out at night!) So we walked for like 20 minutes to the Upperhill Elders flat and stayed there with them until like 8:30 then we got picked up by an Uber with Elder Harrott and Elder Card. Our Uber was the best! He was roasting the matatu drivers the entire time and cutting them off and saying just how much Hooligans they are! We were laughing soooo hard! He then started saying that Obama is the most useless President in history. I asked him if he had a family and he said yes 4 girls. But Elder McGrath thought he said cows so again i was dying and he then told us to take his 2 twin 18 year old daughters on a date. Sorry man! Patrick is my favorite Uber ever! Then on Wednesday we went to a fireside that Elder Sitati from the 70 was at. It was suuuuper cool!! Again we left at like 6 and we went with the Mlolongo Elders as well as Elder Harrott and Card. We stood in line for a bus for an hour then got on and came home. Again got to be in Nairobi town-center at night! I also saw an RX-8, the new 2017 Land Rover Discovery, and a blue Evo 9! The Evo is my fav! Thursday was fun as well. I went on Exchanges in Mlolongo with Elder Barnard and it was great! On the way there cops were stopping Matatus and buses and seeing if they were too full. If they were the cops would take the conductor and put them in the back of the police truck and then take them all to jail. There was a big crowd there watching so we all just watched and laughed at them. Friday we switched back and this old lady almost got hit by a matatu backing up and then we almost got hit by some bumper car matatus. Then they all ran from the cops I was like what the freak is going on this week!?!? We then almost rear ended a car that cut us off and slammed on its breaks in front of us then we passed it going the other way and saw it pulled over hahaha!! That's what he gets freaking idiot! We then went and saw Jeremiah and his family and he took us out to a hotel after meeting to eat!! It was super un-expected and great! He is suuuuch a great guy and hope to have him baptized on the 2nd of July. We also so Derrick and had a great lesson with him. We really need him to come to church though. Then on Saturday we had to do a baptismal interview so we went to town and then went to the Masaii market. That is the worst place ever. You go there looking at cool African stuff and i can promise you that you will not leave without buying something because being a white guy there there was like 10 guys trying to get me to get something following me around. So yeah i left with some stuff. We then went to do the interview and a white Evo 9 FLEWWW past us and i was like ahhhhh!!! I freaking love Evo's! We then went to our bishops and got fed dinner by him and got 2 referrals from him which is great! He is such a nice and great bishop! Its good because he loves us as missionaries as well. Sunday was also filled with fun. Sister Sharon got confirmed and all the classes went well. We also had 2 great lessons with 2 of our investigators. Marian and Ken. Ken brought like all his friends to church and they want to know more so we got 7 referrals from him! All he did was ask them if they wanted to come to church!! It was great! He is 11 by the way and that's why they came. They both have baptismal dates as well!! This week was great and full of adventures! I hope that you all have a great week as well and enjoy the little things! Stay safe and know a person in Kenya loves you haha! Until next week! Love, Elder C. Merz

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